KASCO was originally established in 1901 as Erie Saw Company. During the early 1900's, Erie Saw merged with Pittsburgh Saw and became known as Pittsburgh-Erie Saw Company. In the late 1960's, Pittsburgh-Erie was acquired by Keene Corporation and became known as the Keene Cutting Services division of Keene Corporation. In the early 1980's, Keene acquired Atlantic Services Company then merged it with Keene Cutting Services to form KASCO Corporation. In 2006, KASCO Corporation acquired Atlanta SharpTech and today we're known as KASCO.

For more than 120 years, KASCO has been the industry leader in providing quality products, parts, repairs, and service to the meat processing and retail institutional food industries. Our cutting edge products include band saw blades, meat grinder plates and knives, and cutlery. We also offer a vast range of butcher supplies, seasonings, replacement parts, and repair services to grocers, food service management, and meat, seafood, deli, and bakery departments.

Kasco History Brooklyn 1901

1901: Brooklyn, New York

Daniel W. Martin establishes Atlantic Service Company with his invention of a large, expensive & intricate saw filing machine that could re-sharpen all types of saw blades. The machine was too costly to permit installation by any one user of saws, so Mr. Martin worked out the idea of furnishing "saw service", from a central point, to many users.

Kasco History 1901-1916


Permanent blade meat saws are gradually made obsolete by new, replaceable, precision-sharpened blades and saw frames. This gives birth to the concept of supplying sharp blades on a scheduled service call basis. The words "Hook-Eye" are adopted to designate a removable saw blade fastened to the frame by means of a hook on one end and an eye on the other.

Kasco History Erie PA 1909

1909: Erie, Pennsylvania

E.G. Anderson establishes Eureka Saw Filing Company after he notices butchers sharpening their own tools and it occurred to him that these tools could be sharpened better by a professional who provides sharpening service from his shop rather than by each butcher.

Kasco History Eureka Saw Company 1913


Eureka Saw Filing Company is renamed Erie Saw Company.

Kasco History Pittsburgh Saw Company 1914


E. G. Anderson moves to Pittsburgh and becomes active in expanding the Pittsburgh Saw Company.

Kasco History Atlantic Services Company 1916


Atlantic Services Company registers the "Hook-Eye" trade mark with the U.S. Patent Office.

Kasco History Atlantic Service Company 1920


E. G. Anderson sells Anderson Saw Filing Company for a handsome profit to Pittsburgh-Erie Saw Corporation who immediately sells it to Atlantic Service Company.

Kasco History Southern Saw 1929


Southern Saw Service is incorporated in Atlanta by E. G. Anderson and his son Eugene. Atlanta Saw Company is later formed as a division selling to distributors and dealers while service companies continued to buy directly from Southern Saw Service.

Kasco History Southern Saw Service World War II 1939-1945

World War II:

Southern Saw Service wins contracts for virtually all the meat saws and chopper blades for the army and Navy during the war.

Kasco History Keene Corporation 1960


Keene Corporation acquires Pittsburgh-Erie Saw Company and becomes known as the Keene Cutting Services, a division of Keene Corporation.

Kasco History Southern Saw 1982


Southern Saw Service reaches the position of being the largest and best-known factory of meat-cutting tools in the world.

Kasco History Southern Saw Service 1995


Southern Saw Service starts doing business as Atlanta SharpTech for its rental and distributor sales to build a new brand and take advantage of its reputation for quality products and processes.

Kasco History Matamoros Mexico Plant 2005


KASCO Corporation opens its world class manufacturing facility in Matamoros, Mexico.

Kasco History St Louis Building 2006


KASCO Corporation acquires Atlanta SharpTech and begins doing business as KASCO SharpTech.

Kasco History Today


We are known as KASCO...the world's premier manufacturer and supplier of sharp edge metallic cutting products, and North America's leading provider of parts, service and repairs for commercial food equipment.

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