Grinder Plates for Ground Meat

What Size Grinder Plate Do You Need?

Meat grinder plate hole sizes determine the texture of the ground meat you produce. 

Most hamburger meat is 1/8"

In most parts of the US, hamburger meat is ground using an 1/8" hole grinder plate.  Here are some other common sizes and uses:

  • 1/8" - Hamburger meat
  • 5/32" - Hamburger meat in Texas
  • 3/16" - Sausage
  • 3/8" - Chili meat
  • Kidney - Beef stew

The 1/8" is the most common plate you'll find behind most meat counters.  In fact, many butchers will keep a couple of these around for safe measure.  The 3/8" and 3/16" are the next most common sizes.  

The images below show the approximate texture of ground meat produced from specific hole sizes.

photos of ground meat - small to medium

photos of ground meat - medium to large

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