Meat Band Saw Blades Operating Tips


Keep your machine properly aligned and the guides correctly positioned so the blade always tracks in the center of the guides. Check the blade scrapers and always be sure they are not striking and dulling the teeth of the blade.


Be sure the blade tracks straight. Use correct blade tension - not enough and blades will waver; too much and they will break.  Have the blade back-up bearings adjusted so they only touch and support the back of the blade when meat is being cut. 


Let the blade cut straight. Don’t force it to twist in the cut. Let the blade attack the meat, not the opposite.


Keep wheels clean and wheel scrapers in good condition.  Also be sure the saw is aligned so the back of the blade is off the flanges to avoid friction.


Keep your saw guides, support block, blade clearance, and back up bearings in good condition. They all contribute to accurate cuts and add to your blade’s life.


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