Wood Band Saw Blade Specifics

Wood Band Saw Blade Specifications & Terminology 

If you're involved in sawmilling or logging, you know how important it is to have the right blade for your woodcutting needs. One of the most critical aspects of selecting the perfect wood band saw blade for your saw is understanding the various blade specifications and terminology. In this buying guide, we will take a closer look at the different wood blade specifications and their significance.

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Now, understanding the various blade specifications and terminology:

Firstly, the width of the wood band saw blades is the distance from the tip of the tooth to the back of the blade. It is an essential factor to consider since a narrower blade will allow you to make sharper turns, while a wider one will provide you with more stability and durability.

Thickness, also known as gauge, is another crucial factor to consider when selecting a wood blade. The thickness of the material in the body of the blade determines its strength and durability. A thicker blade can withstand more pressure and is ideal for heavy-duty sawing applications.

Tooth spacing refers to the distance between each tooth from one tip to the next. It is an essential factor to consider since it determines the size of the wood pieces that the blade can handle.

Rake angle or hook angle is the number of degrees the tooth face leans forward of 90⁰. It determines the aggressiveness of the blade and the rate at which it removes wood.

There are three common rake angles

  • 10-degree
  • 7-degree
  • 4-degree

A 10-degree angle is suitable for all-purpose cutting, mixed hardwoods, softer wood, smaller logs, and narrow cuts. A 7-degree angle is ideal for frozen, tropical, or extreme hardwoods, wider cuts, and higher horsepower saws. A 4-degree angle is best for frozen or extreme hardwoods and all horsepower saws.

The pitch of the blade refers to the number of teeth per inch. A higher pitch means more teeth and a smoother cut, while a lower pitch means fewer teeth and a faster cut.

The gullet is the area that captures and removes sawdust while providing strength in the tooth. Tooth height is the distance from the lowest point of the gullet to the tip of the tooth. It is a critical factor to consider since it determines the thickness of the wood pieces that the blade can handle.

Tooth set refers to the distance the tooth is bent beyond the body of the blade. It determines the width of the kerf, which is the width of material removed. The kerf is calculated as the blade width plus twice the set.

In conclusion, understanding the different wood blade specifications and terminology is essential for selecting the right blade for your sawmill or logging needs. The width, thickness, tooth spacing, rake angle, pitch, gullet, tooth height, tooth set, and kerf all play critical roles in determining the performance and durability of the blade. By considering these factors, you can select the perfect wood blade that will help you achieve your desired results.

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