Safety Caution Warning and Disclaimer

caution - blades are sharp!

KASCO blades are designed to slice through tough surfaces.  To do this, they must be very sharp.  Always handle KASCO blades with respect and caution.

Improper handling, installation, or care of KASCO blades may result in serious personal injury or death.  Follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer of the equipment in which the blade is installed for safe installation and care.  Failure to install this blade properly may result in the blade releasing or projecting forcefully from the equipment, breaking, splintering, or moving in an unpredictable or unstable manner, which may injure the operator or others in the vicinity.  Operators should follow all equipment instructions for safe operation, including using safeguards put in place by the equipment manufacturer and wearing protective gear.  Failure to properly maintain your equipment may result in undue wear and tear on the KASCO blade, which could increase the potential risks identified above.

By purchasing and using this KASCO blade, you acknowledge that you are responsible for selecting a blade that is compatible with your equipment and for installing and operating it properly.  KASCO is not liable for damages or harm that results from your use of KASCO blades in incompatible equipment or from improper installation, maintenance, or operation of the equipment or your KASCO blade.


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