At KASCO SharpTech, you’ve probably heard us mention that our products are manufactured to specific standards set forth under our Quality Management System (QMS). But what exactly does this mean?

    1. First, these standards ensure that we have documented work instructions, the proper manufacturing processes with checks and lastly, measurements and documentation to produce our product to industry standards. These processes ensure we meet and exceed our customer’s requirements for the product, as well as its end-application.
    2. Our QMS system also ensures that our processes are monitored and measured under strict inspections, using tests and measures that are properly controlled, calibrated and adjusted in order to produce a product that conforms to our high standards and exceeds your expectations.

Our ongoing goal is to measure our performance, analyze our ability to meet these QMS requirements and use this data to identify areas of improvement in terms of internal and external quality. This way we can make proactive changes using preventive and corrective actions to document our results and progress.


All of this boils down to Customer Satisfaction. We want to be sure you are provided with a product that meets the industry standards in which its used, and exceeds your expectations for a quality and long-lasting product.