Meat Scrapers, Bone Dust Scrapers, & Brushes

Bone Dust Scrapers

The polyethylene or stainless steel bone dust scrapers meet all sanitation requirements. Their one-piece construction allows for easy cleaning, while their handle grip allows for easy use.

Note: Scrapers with a square design will cover more surface area per stroke.

metal butcher scraper

Stainless Steel Round Scraper

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square stainless steel square bone scraper

Stainless Steel Square Bone Scraper

stainless steel bone dust scraper

Stainless Steel Bone Dust Scraper

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plastic round scraper

Polyethylene Round Bone Scraper

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square plastic bone scraper

Polyethylene Square Bone Scraper

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Block Scrapers

Our block scrapers come with stainless steel blades, with the option of a vinyl plastic handle or a stainless steel handle for added sanitation.

block scraper white handle

Block Scraper with White Handle

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stainless steel block scraper

Stainless Steel Block Scraper

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Polyester brushes and bristles do not absorb moisture or oils, creating a sanitary brush for use in butcher shops.

8 inch floater scrub brush

8-Inch Floater Scrub Brush

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