Bread Blades

Bread Blade Craftsmanship

KASCO bakery slicer blades are made with a commitment to quality and innovation. Our quality control ensures cutting and slicing edges meet the strictest standards.  We are out in the field on a daily basis inspecting bread blades and learning from bakers and bakery operators. 

We know that quality product is what brings your customers back to you for delicious baked goods like sliced bagels, freshly baked breads, muffins, scones and more.  Appearance of your bakery goods is critical to sales, so we've designed our blades for the cleanest cuts with the least amount of waste.  Just perfect slices of baked heaven. 

Check out our "ABT" blades for Artisan Breads with thick crusts and hearty ingredients.  The "batman" shape of the blade moves easily through rough texture to create smooth slices every time. 

Our dedication to quality control is founded on the understanding that each each step of the process is vitally important in the production of the best bread slicer blades. Our experience and innovation create flawless bakery slicer blades worthy of your business.


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