The best knife is the one you carry.  We are the premier supplier of professional knives and cutlery for butchers, chefs, meat processors and more. We carry the most respected brand names to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. KASCO cutlery is NSF-Approved, 100% hygienic, and fully sanitized to meet all health and safety requirements. We have over 120 years of experience with supplying our customers with innovative and world-class cutlery.

KASCO stocks many types and sizes of Victorinox and ICEL cutlery. Some of our cutlery has wood handles, while most include injection-molded polypropylene handles with non-slip coating that adds an extra firm grip, sealed construction, and a natural left/right hand fit. 

We carry the best knives for boning, breaking, filleting, and skinning meat, and round out the assortment with butcher knives, chef's knives, cimeter knives, paring knives and produce knives.  

A sharp knife is safer and more productive.  Keep your knife edges honed and sharpened with one of our sharpening steels.  We have an assortment of steels with different edges, handles, and from premium brands for reliability and longevity.  


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Chili Season is right around the corner. Be ready with our line up of Premium Seasonings!