Wood Blades

Unlock the Power of Precision Cutting with WoodMaxx Blades by KASCO!

WoodMaxx Blades

Cutting edge WoodMaxx Blades are the result of 110 years of experience and the KASCO commitment to design and manufacture the best wood band saw blades in the industry.

Our wood blades have precision ground teeth for straight and accurate cuts. WoodMaxx blades are made from only the highest quality materials to improve performance, increase blade life, and decrease safety hazards for employees.

Whether you're cutting hardwood, softwood, frozen wood, or exotic lumber, our blades are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty operations in sawmills.

FlexxMaxx Flex Back Blades

NEW FlexxMaxx flex-back wood blades are the newest addition to our wood cutting blades. Designed with the same stringent quality controls as our WoodMaxx blades, the FlexxMaxx blades bring a new level of cutting flexibility. They are an excellent choice for wood cutting applications that require accuracy, flexible cuts, and fine finishes.

SweepMaxx Blades 

Designed to cut hard and soft woods in both frozen and dry conditions, while sweeping the sawdust away.

PalletMaxx Dismantler Blades

Engineered to dismantle pallets quickly and efficiently. Aggressive carbon steel tooth design.


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