Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades

View the video above to learn about the manufacturing process that is used to create our quality meat cutting blades.

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KASCO meat cutting blades are made from quality materials to ensure sharpness and durability. These meat band saw blades are engineered for specific cutting needs ranging from precision fish slicing to rigorous bone in meat cutting. All meat cutting band saw blades are designed to lower cutting costs by generating efficient cuts while producing less waste.

KASCO will assist you throughout the purchasing process to make sure you select the best meat blades for your meat cutting applications. We also offer a complete line of replacement meat blades. Contact KASCO for more information on meat band saw blades and other meat cutting products.

Types of Meat & Bone Cutting Band Saw Blades

 bone in blades meat cutting All Purpose Blades
KASCO all purpose band blades are engineered for precision slicing and reliability.
 meat cutting blades Bone In Blades
KASCO bone in meat cutting blades are designed to slice through even the toughest of meats.
25 inch butcher hand saw Kam-Lok™ Butcher's Hand Saws & Replacement Blades
Our Kam-Lok butcher's hand saws feature comfortable pistol-grip handle made of non-porous plastic for easy cleanability and sanitary operation.
 carcass splitting blades Carcass Splitting Saw Blades
KASCO carcass splitting saws are made from quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.
 fish cutting blades Fish Cutting Blades
KASCO fish band blades are designed to maximize cutting efficiency and minimize product waste.
 graselli logo Grasselli Reciprocating Saw Blades
We manufacture & stock a complete line of stainless steel reciprocating blades for Grasselli slicing equipment including scallop edge, knife edge, 4 teeth per inch, & 6 teeth per inch.

Ongoing Service

KASCO assures full warranty protection and guaranteed correct reproduction of the original cutting edges with our convenient resharpening service. If factory resharpening is inconvenient, we offer approved resharpening through our authorized representatives or local sharpening services. KASCO has a staff of approximately 110 service technicians throughout North America. Fill out our Service Request form for more information.