WoodMaxx Band Saw & Sawmill Blades

Extensive research, testing, engineering, and innovative technologies make WoodMaxx Blades the ideal thin-kerf wood cutting band saw blades for a variety of saw mill applications.

wood band saw mill blades
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WoodMaxx Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades Applications:

  • Thin Kerf Saw Mills
  • Pallet Mills
  • Portable Saw Mills
  • Horizontal & Vertical Re-Saws

WoodMaxx Blades are available in many combinations of width, thickness, profile, and tooth spacing to meet your specific wood cutting requirements.

All WoodMaxx Blades are backed by the professional service of KASCO fully trained technicians.

WoodMaxx Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades Sizes:

  • Widths: 1", 1-1/8" (oversize 1"), 1-1/4", 1-1/2", & 2"
  • Thickness: .035", .042", .045", .050", & .055"
  • Tooth Spacing: 1/2" (2 TPI), 3/4" (1.3 TPI), 7/8" (1.1 TPI), and 1" (1 TPI)
  • Hook Angles: 4°, 7°, & 10°
  • Lengths: common sizes in stock or cut & welded to length

Most common sizes of WoodMaxx Blades are in-stock and ready to ship. Visit our online store.

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